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SORRY, but BEAST WISHES is currently SOLD OUT.

There are still some available at


“BEAST WISHES, an utterly charming documentary about Bob and Kathy Burns, is about 60 minutes long, but it’s still going to take you hours to watch the DVD. Barely a scene goes by that won’t have fans grabbing for the remote, freeze-­‐framing the image and gasping, “Is that [iconic prop/model/costume/creature]?” BEAST WISHES is essential viewing for genre fans, who will be touched and inspired by a real-­‐life, idealized version of themselves in Bob and Kathy Burns.”-­‐ Fangoria Magazine

Produced and directed by filmmakers Trish Geiger and Frank Dietz,this feature-length documentary chronicles

the story of how Bob and Kathy became the goodwill ambassadors of sci-fi and horror film fandom.

Married for over five decades, this amazing couple have spent their lives nurturing the creative spark in talented people,

many of whom went on to become award-winning masters in the Hollywood makeup and special effect industries.

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